Simple Acts of Kindness

Bahar Tuzel as Alexis

Alexis is an aspirering writer who falls on to hard times. We follow her life as she meets Beth a starts to find her feet again.

Claire Louise Huder as Beth

Beth is a kind caring woman who finds an unlikely friend holding up in her new rental. 

Vidal Ramos as Todd

A busy business man and the ex-husband to Beth. He still has deep feelings for her and is a kind man himself.

All Filmed in Jacksonville, FL

The backdrop of our story is the city of Jacksonville. We filmed everything in the river city. It gave us beautiful transition shots, and no sky is like a Florida sky.

The cast in crew

Nick Clevette (Back Left) Claire Louise Huder (To Nick's left) Bahar Tuzel (Black Jacket) Tony Han (Siting and white shirt) Tommee Porter (Tie-dye shirt)